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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal therapy is sometimes necessary if the pulp of a tooth is diseased or injured, and unable to repair itself, it loses its vitality. The pulp is the soft tissue that contains the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue of a tooth. The most common causes of pulp death are a deep cavity, a crack or traumatic injury to the tooth, which allow bacteria and their products to leak into the pulp.

Root canal treatment involves removal of the tooth's pulp, a small thread-like tissue that is important for tooth development. If the injured or diseased pulp is not removed, the tissues surrounding the root can be infected and an abscess can form resulting in pain, swelling and destruction of the supporting structures around the tooth, possibly leading to loss of one or more teeth. The tooth's canals are cleaned, shaped and filled. Once completed, the tooth requires a permanent filling or a crown. Sometimes after a root canal is completed, a post is placed in the root of the tooth to give support and strength.

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